Backpacking Iceland 2003

Geysir and Gullfoss
We started our hike at a major tourist attraction, Geysir. Geysir is home to the second largest geyser is the world and is where that word geyser originated. Geysir is included in wat is called the Golden Circle which includes Gullfoss a very large waterfall 11km away from Geysir. In Islandic sufixes are often used to tell what an object is. The sufix foss means waterfall, fell means mountain or foothill, and jokull means glacier. We got to Gullfoss on our second day, took our snap shots, and continued on our hike.








Hot vents in Geysir.











second largest geyser is the world











A thermal pool













The geyser erupting into the clouds













A canyon we folowed to get to Gullfoss













Gullfoss, foss meaning waterfall













A wall of vapor from Gullfoss crashing into canyon walls