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CPU Graveyard - Dieshots is a place where you can find dieshots you can use, royalty free, with few restrictions.

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  • set order/priority of family categories, bit-width, ..
  • Create: pages for things like video games, generations
  • Fix: various boxes with wrong color css, clean up css code MediaWiki:Common.css, convert px to em
  • Check: for logos that should be changed to widelogo.
  • Fix: make sure preload matches current template params
  • Check: text wrap summary pages
  • Add: logos to dieshot page
  • Add: social media?
  • add: add indent to pre tag
  • fix CSS table with borders
  • Fix: add/missing all parameters for pages
  • fix and in CSV
  • fix: why does it show non-intel


  • template:Truncate-link has a small chance of causing mediawiki to pick up parts of url as wikicode
  • Templates don't detect html

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