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I wanted to add dieshots to my CPU collection, but I wanted to do the right thing and give credit where credit is due, and didn't want to use images I had to right to. So when I searched the web, and found dieshots with no attribution and no license info. Even on major news and technology sites. I found some collection of dieshots, but most were copyrighted or no license labeling at all. But the worst, and most common was sites that claimed copyright of all material on there site and used dieshots they obviously didn't create. See Resources for examples of good sources, but ambiguous licenses.
See: Resources


So I decided to create a single source for dieshots, that website owners can use without worries. I try to keep the most accurate info on the die shots, but I'm not perfect. So I made it a wiki so anyone can correct.

Editing the site

I tried to make it easy to add or edit the sites contents with heavy use of templates, so you just have to edit variables.
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Uploading new dieshots

Adding should be pretty easy. First upload image, then create a dieshot page. After that links should be automatically added.
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