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Edit a page

  • Create a User and/or login
  • Edit the page under the Actions tab

Adding external links

Where to put external links

Type of page Description Recomended location
Dieshot collections a page with a bunch of dieshots Resources
Dieshot related sites any thing thats not exactly a dieshot, but related Resources under Other sites section
Specific dieshot a dieshot with known manufacturer and Part#/Name Manufacture-Family or Family page
Info related to a specific Part Add an External links section to specific dieshot page

See below for details.

Add General dieshot pages

  • If you have site with many dieshots, add it to Resources

Add a specific dirshot link

if you want to a specific dieshot to a that is on a site, but image can not be added to this site due to license issues.

  • Create a User and/or login
  • find the appropriate family page or manufacture-family page
  • edit the page from the Edit link under the Actions tab
  • add section to the bottom of page using the following code/format
==External links==
* [https://urltosite.for/specific_dieshot_page ManufactureName - PartNumber] - description of stuff
* ManufactureName - PartNumber - https://urltosite.for/specific_dieshot_page