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CPU Grave Yard - my collection of CPU / MCU / SoC / BSP

I currently have 981 chips in my collection. Allot of them are pretty common, but some are rare, and a few are extremely rare. Some of the really rare one are Intel - MD3002/C and MC3003/C. The rarest one I own is the MOS - MCS6501. By court order all of these chip where required to be destroyed. There are probably less than 10 in existence.

One of my favorite families is the AMD - Am2900 family. It is a bit-slice processor have the ability to be joined together to create a data-width as large as desired. The processors is split into multiple chips such as an ALU and micro-program control unit.

My larger collections

Latest CPU families
AMD Epyc wordmark.svg AMD - Epyc family
AMD Ryzen logo.svg AMD - Ryzen family
Intel Core 2020 Logo (Dark).svg Intel - Core family
Latest SoC families
Intel Atom 2020 logo.svg Intel - Atom family
Arm-cortex-logo.png ARM - Cortex family
RISC-V-logo-square.svg RISC-V family

Chips: 981
CPU 599
MCU 218
SoC 41
Manufacturers: 94
Families: 189
MOS - 6501; extremely rare CPU in the 6500 family, sometimes referred to the 6502 family due to 6502 being the most popular CPU in the family
HP - PA-7200; a popular CPU in the PA-RISC family for servers