Powertool cordless battery pack's cell specs

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Battery packs original battery cells

Brand Voltage Cell Cell Specs datasheet/links Notes
Bauer 20V Hypermax 3AH Samsung INR18650-15M 23A, 1,500mAh [1][2]
Bosch 18V Lithium Ion slimpack (BAT609) Samsung INR18650-13Q 1300mAh, 15A, 3.6V [3] (pack has no protection board)(one of the screw holes is behind plastic and need to be drilled before unscrewed)
Black & Decker 20V Max 1.5AH LG LGEAHB71865 15A, 1500mAh
Black & Decker 40V 18650HR15 ?A, ~1000mAh [4]
Black & Decker LBXR2020 LG LGDAHD11865 [5]
Craftsman 12V DieHard Nextec (320-11221) Sanyo UR18650SA 1250mAh, 18A, 3.7V [6] does not have a protection board
Dewalt Compact Lithium Ion 18V (DC9181) Sony US18650FT [7] in case you need to repair the polimide cable, see table 2
Dewalt 12V Samsung INR18650-15B
Dewalt 20V XR 5AH Samsung INR18650-25R 20A, 2,500mAh [8][9]
metabo electric drill SANYO NCR20700A [10]
Milwaukee M18 Red lithium XC 5.0 ICR18650HE2 20A, 25000mAh [11]
Makita LXT 18V 5.0AH Samsung INR18650-25R 20A, 2,500mAh [12]
Parkside X20V Team Parkside INR18650E ?A, 2000mAh [13]
PULY PULY Cordless Screwdriver C18650P-1300mAh [14]
Ridgid Hyper Li Lithium Ion 18V (130183010) Samsung INR18650-15M 3.6V 1500mAh (5.4Wh, 23A Rate) I had to cut the cover off the new batteries cover to fit it in.
Ryobi 2nd Gen 40V EVE ICR18650/20P 30A, 2000mAh [15]
Vanon(generic Dewalt battery) 18650HR15 ~1000mAh [16]
Waitley(generic Dewalt battery) INR18650P-20E ?A, ~2000mAh [17]

table 2 - Dewalt battery wiring (DC9181)

The polymide wire has some very thin parts that work like fuses. This is the connections.

pin 1 1
pin 2 4
pin 3 5
pin 4 2
pin 5 3
pin 6 temperature
pin 7 NC
pin 8 temperature