My cheese reviews

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Manufacturer Name Type Rating notes
Babybel Mini Semi-soft 5
Babybel Plant based 5 vegan, has a cream cheese taste links
Beehive Big Johns Cajun 6 tastes better melted link
Beehive Promontory 3 link
Beehive Teahive cheddar 7 cheese and rub taste good together [1]
Beecher's Handmade New Woman 9 spiced
BelGioioso Hatch Chile, Braided, Fresh Mozzarella Mozzarella 5 Slight hatch chili flavor, braiding only makes sense with low-moister
Boursin Dairy-free Garlic & Herbs Cream 6 Vegan
Cacique Oaxaca mozzarella-ish 8 Kinda like string cheese
Cacique Ranchero Queso Fresco queso fresco 7
Cacique Queso Fresco queso fresco 7
Castello Edam mozzarella-ish 5 taste like cheap mozzarella, better when melted
Cypress Grove Midnight moon aged goat Goat 4
Christis Halloumi 8
Daiya Medium Cheddar Style cheddar 3 Vegan, ok in tiny bites, disgusting when used in meals in larger quantities
Dear Creek The doe cheddar 5 better melted link
Dear Creek The Rattlesnake cheddar 4 To be fair, I'm not a fan of pepper-jack ether link
El Mexicano Panenla, Queso de Canasta 5
El Mexicano Queso Fresco Casero queso fresco 7
Emmi Swiss Swiss-type 5
Ellsworth Cheddar Cheese Curds cheddar 8
Ewephoria Ewephoria Sheep Gouda gouda 7 link link2
Grafton Village Truffle Cheddar Cheddar 6 link
Goya Queso Blanco queso fresco 5
Good Planet Foods Parmesan Style parmesan 0 Vegan, horrible, ruined my lasagna
Galbani String cheese, part skim mozzarella 8
Haystack Jack green chili jack 3 link
Jarlsberg Emmentaler swiss-type 10
Jaslsberg Emmentaler Lite (Reduced fat swiss) swiss-type 9
Kaukauna Port Wine w/ Almonds Cheddar 7 link
Kaukauna Double Cheddar Cheddar 7 link
Kerrygold Dubliner w/ Irish Stout 6
Kaamps Pumpkin Gouda Gouda 4
Kaamps Asparagus Gouda Gouda 5
Kaamps Honey Truffle Goat Gouda Gouda link
Karoun Hand Braided String Cheese w/ Olive Oil, Garlic and Herbs String cheese 10
La Vaquita Queso Fresco Queso Fresco 7
Lucerne Low-moisture Part-Skim Mozzarella Mozzarella 6 low quality mozzarella
Lisanatti Almond Mozzarella Style Mozzarella 5 Vegan, tastes ok, but mozzarella flavor is weak
Laughing Cow Creamy, Original Cream cheese 6
Meredith Dairy Marinated Sheep & Goat spreadable 7 link
Marieke Gouda smoked w/ cumin Gouda 6
Meredith Dairy Marinated Sheep & Goat Cheese spreadable 9 link
MouCo Ashley Soft-ripened 4 link
Murry's Butterkaese 2
Murry's Cave Aged Stockinghall Cheddar Cheddar 5 link
Murry's Cotswold 6 link
Murry's Grana Padano Hard 5 link
Murry's Irish Cheddar Cheddar 5
Murry's Pawlet Swiss-type like 4
Murry's Smoked Gouda Gouda 7
Murry's Muenster Enchilado Muenster 7
Murry's Myzithra ricotta-like 2
Murry's French Double Crème Brie Bree 4
Murry's Rosemary & Olive oil asiago Asiago 9
Murry's Raclette 2
Murry's Whisky Chedder Chedder 9
Murry's Buffalo Mozzarella Mozzarella 7 fresh mozzarella
Murry's Fresh Mozzarella Mozzarella 6
Murry's Wensleydale Cranberry Mozzarella 6 Sweet, slight after taste link
Murry's Dill rubbed fontina Fontina 7 pickle flavor cheese
Old Croc Grand Reserve Sharp Cheddar Cheddar 9 link
Old Croc Sharp Cheddar Cheddar 9 link
Organic Valley Organic String Cheese Mozzarella 9
Parrano Parrano Truffle 4 not to my taste, not vegetarian link
President Brie Brie 3
President Madrigal swiss-type 6
Primo Taglio Reduced Fat Feta Cheese Feta 6
Rocking W Portobello Leek Jack Jack 4 link
Roth Havarti Plain Havarti 8
Roth Fontina Fontina 4
Rumiano Organic Gouda Gouda 6
Sartori Kentucky Bourbon BellaVitano 8
Sartori Cognac BellaVitano 9 link
Sartori Chardonnay BellaVitano 9 link
Sartori Garlic Herb BellaVitano 10 link
Sartori Tomato Basil BellaVitano 9 link
Sartori Espresso BellaVitano 5 Rind taste of coffee grounds, didn't flavor the cheese link
Sartori Pumpkin Spice BellaVitano 4 flavor didn't really work link
SarVecchio Parmesan Parmesan 9
Somerdale Somerdale Red Dragon Cheddar 5 odd mix of spices link
Somerdale Cooper’s Hill Gloucester 5 Double Gloucester, link
Simple Truth Ricotta Ricotta 6
Trader Joe's Toscano Cheese with Black Pepper 9 creamy, nutty, nice pepper added, good on bread or crackers
Trader Joe's California Mild 7
Trader Joe's Pizza seasoned Bread Cheese Bread Cheese 7
Tillamook Mozzarella Mozzarella 8
Tillamook Vintage Extra Sharp White Cheddar Cheddar 9 Good, not vegetarian
Tillamook Sharp Cheddar Cheddar 8
Tillamook Medium Cheddar Cheddar 8
Tillamook Colby Jack Jack 9
Tickler Tickler Cheddar red onion Cheddar 9
Tipperary Irish Cheddar Cheese with Irish Porter Cheddar 5 Not very exciting
Westminster Westminster smoked cheddar Cheddar 9 link
Widmers Aged Brick Brick 2 Smelled like feet
Wicked Kitchen Wicked vegan motz Mozzarella-like 5 vegan, it's on their pizza
Wiggensbach Red Casanova 4 link, not vegetarian
handmade locally Korbáčiky (Slovakia) String cheese 10