homemade lockable rear bike basket

After the second time my homemade tire repair kit got stolen, I decided I needed a lockable place to keep it.  So I made a lockable container incorporated in my milk crate storage container.


  • Milk crate
  • Bolts (to attach milk crate to rear mount)
  • Polycarbonate sheet (stronger than plexiglass, and better in cold weather)
  • Wood blocks (to reduce stress on the hinges
  • 2 hinges (to hinge the compartment cover)
  • 1 hinge or latch (for the lock)
  • pop-rivets and washers ( to attach the hinges to the cover and crate)
  • steel L-bracket (to re-enforce the latch/lock)

You have probably seen milk crates attached to the rear mounts of bikes.  I added a small lockable compartment, using 3 hinges and a polycarbonate panel.  the third hinge is used as a lockable latch.  The wood blocks are added to reduce stress on the hinges.  I also added a polycarbonate panel on the top and bottom of the bottom of the milk create because the milk create wobbles sometimes and my last one broke.

Here are some out of focus photos of the lockable compartment.

Some final comments

This isn't the strongest lockable compartment the hinges I used were lighter than heavy duty hinges.  The pop-rivets are better that using screws, as they can't be unscrewed, but they are aluminum and can be drilled out.  So the hinges and pop-rivets can be pried up with a long screw driver or pry-bar.  Also the latch/lock thing can be broken.  But this will take allot of effort and can't be done without causing a commotion.  So I figure it is safe enough, but wanted to warn you.