Backpacking Iceland 2003


Skaftafell is 1 of 3 Icelandic National Parks, and home to the oldest forest in Iceland. It was quite comforting being in the familiar surroundings of a forest after being such wide open and sometimes desolate places. The park was home to a number of amazing waterfalls, glaciers, and other beautiful scenery.

Skaftafell National Park's Icon

Look familar (see Skaftafell National Park's Icon)

The first and last real forest we saw. Nearly all the forest were cut down early in the settlement of Iceland for building houses and firewood. These trees were mostly very short birch trees about 15 ft high or less, but there were some coniferous tree of over 30 ft.

Dog falls was named because when dogs would try to cross the stream above the falls in high waters the dogs would fall.